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Multi-Channel Solutions for Handmade Sellers

Vendio is the only solution that helps handmade sellers manage their online business. Everything with one fully-featured tool for all channels.

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Handmade Sellers' Tools

Easy Setup
With an easy, step-by-step on-boarding experience, setup only takes a few clicks. No hassle, no worries.
Multi-Channel Lister
Create a new product and send it to all marketplaces at the same time with the easy-to-use Lister and Profiles.
Automatic Product Data Match
All product data is shared between channels so that you create it once and have it available on all your selling points.
All Channels in One Place
Manage all your Handmade selling channels in one place. Be it Etsy, Amazon Handmade, eBay or your own store, we support it all. Clean, easy and time effective, all your business is managed in one place.
Synced Quantity
Keep your product quantities in sync across all marketplaces automatically, so you can start selling more, in more places.
Expert Customer Support
Our expert team of Customer Support Agents are here for you.
Inventory Management
A robust set of inventory management tools are available.
Sales Management
Manage your orders and post-sale activities from every channel in one location.
Gain insights into your products' performance and get detailed reports of your sales.